About Us

I'm Annie

A few years ago I had found myself in a place where I desperately needed an escape. It was through this need to escape that I discovered my love for reading. In the past this need to read only lasted a short time, but this time something was different.

This is my 1st blog and I hope to share what I love and support all the authors that have found their way into my heart and soul through the characters in their books.

I'm Sue"Reviewer"

I have always loved to read as far back as I can remember. As a child I would go to the library and devour The Bobby Twins and as I got older, Nurse Cherry books, Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew. Soon I was devouring everything written by Danielle Steele, Johanna Lindsay, Kathleen Woodiwiss and so many other authors. Later on, life got in the way and I all but stopped reading (although I still bought books hand over fist) until someone bought me a Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunter and my love of books re-ignited. Now I can't get enough and hope to never have that lull in reading again. I love the author community and the ability to interact with authors has become a passion.

I’m Christine


I was a poor reader, poor student, and poor test taker and if an activity implied some sort of educational pursuit I said “no thank you.” One weekend my family was visiting people that lived in the middle of nowhere. The closest neighbor was half a mile away and there was no TV or radio reception, no cable and no one to talk with. Our host offered me a book to read, and I thought “well it can’t suck as much as doing nothing does.” So I read my first Danielle Steele novel in less than three days. I was hooked and read everything she had written in less than a year. After that I moved on to other authors and genres. I grew to love reading all types of books: romance, sci-fi, mystery, suspense, and even some non-fiction. 
When I took my college entrance exam I earned a perfect score on the reading portion. And have now been teaching for over twenty years…all because I read a romance novel.

I haven’t always been a fan of book reviews. Over the years I have found that I either like a book or I don’t, based on the publisher’s synopsis. Only once have I chosen not to finish a story I started because it truly was the worst thing I ever read. 

You’ll find my reviews are filled with how the book made me feel or what I wanted for the characters as I read and a word or two about the writing style if that was important to my experience. After all, always hated writing book reports in school, why would I want to do that now?

I'm Lynda"Reviewer"

My addiction to reading started when I was six years old. We moved in to this house and someone left a book in the closet and I found it. The book was Jonathan Small and Elizabeth Blue: A friendship story by Dean Walley. I haven't put books down since then. They are my escape from reality in to a new world.