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RELEASE/REVIEW - Secret Lucidity by E.K. Blair

Title: Secret Lucidity
Author: E.K. Blair
Genre: Student/Teacher Forbidden Romance
Release Date: February 26, 2018


This wasn’t supposed to happen.
But it did.
This wasn’t supposed to be my life.
But it was.

I was just a typical girl, living a typical life. Nothing was out of the ordinary until tragedy threw me into a turnstile I couldn’t see my way out of. That was, until him.

I never could’ve imagined my heart falling the way it did. Hard, fast, and with unbounding beauty.

The only problem?
He was off limits.

But he became my everything, and I became his, so we risked it all. It was only a matter of time until I realized that our risk came with unimaginable consequences.

My name is Camellia Hale and his is David Andrews, and this is our love story.

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Author Bio

New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling author, E.K. Blair, takes her readers on an emotional roller coaster with her books. Blair tends to drift towards love stories that are deeply layered with emotional angst. Give her a character and she will dig into their core to find what lies beneath.

Aside from writing, E.K. Blair finds pleasure in music, drinking her Starbucks in peace and spending time with her friends and family. She's a thinker, an artist, a wife, a mom, and everything in between.

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Reviewed by Sue

4 Sexy Heels

A truly heartbreaking story that will have you crying, praying and hoping for a good outcome.

Cam's life seems to be going great. She is a champion swimmer, she had a wonderful boyfriend, parents who love her and her last summer before she graduates. Tragedy strikes and everything in her life implodes. She doesn't have the ability to deal with anything going on around her. She won't let anyone in including her closest friends. Only one person can get through to her, but, he is the last person that should be anywhere near her. He knows better, but he can't help himself. Her pain is his pain and neither of them can stand to stay away.

There are some really deeply rooted pains in this story including self harm as a way to feel better. EK Blair always brings us into the darkness and sometimes finding our way out of that darkness is really difficult. I found it difficult to read because perhaps I have not felt that deep down pain that takes your reason for living but EK writes in a way that makes you feel that pain but she also brings you into the light.

Reviewed  by Annie

 4 Sexy Heels

This book is so tragic and will absolutely make you cry often throughout this book. E.K. Blair has this ability to deal with some extremely serious issues and take your heart on a ride through every emotion possible.

Cam's whole life turns upside down in the blink of eye. And there is only one person who was able to make her feel things and manage to move on with her life. She never meant to fall in love with her teacher, but it happened. Their secret tryst is like a whirlwind and it isn't until their secret gets out that Cam realizes how big the consequences are to their relationship. Can she survive the fall out and will these two get their happily ever after? Or will the consequences break them apart forever. This book kept me crying and on an emotional rollercoaster as Cam goes through all the things a teenager should never have to experience. And David was the only person to help her feel whole again. This book deals with cutting and death and how grief can rip a life apart.

So, don't miss out on this emotional story that just might have a happily ever will just have to download it to find out.

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RELEASE BLITZ/REVIEW - #1 Rival by T. Gephart

#1 Rival, an all new standalone friends to lovers, Romantic Comedy by T. Gephart is NOW LIVE!



Lauren Harper wanted four things.
And to annihilate Roman Pierce.
Sure, he was a smooth, smart and sexy attorney who made the senior partners at their law firm cream their pants. But he was also an annoying cocky jerk who she’d been competing with since they had both been hired over a year ago.
And Lauren didn’t care how amazing his smile was or how hot his body was underneath that suit—the firm-sponsored fun run had a lot to answer for—he was a ruthless, ambitious prick who would stop at nothing to climb the corporate ladder. He’d even climb over her given half the chance. Sadly, she’d probably enjoy that.
That wasn’t what she was supposed to be thinking.
She did not want him climbing over or under her, or doing anything else to her.
He was the enemy. Destroying him was the only option.
Wiping that smug, beautiful grin off his gorgeous, obnoxious face, a bonus.
Now, if she could just keep her objective in check and obliterate him before he did the same to her.


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About T. Gephart

T Gephart is an indie author from Melbourne, Australia.
T’s approach to life has been somewhat unconventional. Rather than going to University, she jumped on a plane to Los Angeles, USA in search of adventure. While this first trip left her somewhat underwhelmed and largely depleted of funds it fueled her appetite for travel and life experience.
With a rather eclectic resume, which reads more like the fiction she writes than an actual employment history, T struggled to find her niche in the world.
While on a subsequent trip the United States in 1999, T met and married her husband. Their whirlwind courtship and interesting impromptu convenience store wedding set the tone for their life together, which is anything but ordinary. They have lived in Louisiana, Guam and Australia and have travelled extensively throughout the US. T has two beautiful young children and one four legged child, Woodley the wonder dog.
An avid reader, T became increasingly frustrated by the lack of strong female characters in the books she was reading. She wanted to read about a woman she could identify with, someone strong, independent and confident who didn’t lack femininity. Out of this need, she decided to pen her first book, A Twist of Fate. She enjoyed the process so much that when it was over she couldn’t let it go.
T loves to travel, laugh and surround herself with colourful characters. This inevitably spills into her writing and makes for an interesting journey – she is well and truly enjoying the ride!
Based on her life experiences, T has plenty of material for her books and has a wealth of ideas to keep you all enthralled.

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Reviewed by Sue

4 Sexy Heels

Fun story about two people who seemingly can't stand each other from the first day they meet. However, they are consistently in each other's orbits and the competition between them is fierce. I completely enjoy their interactions right from the beginning, both of them trying to one-up the other and cut the other down without making it too personal (which it inevitably does). Roman and Harper are both equally compassionate about the law and about doing the absolute best for their clients. Each wants a leg up on the other and will do whatever it takes to get to the top. Their volleys are completely witty and fun to read and I felt like I was Daniel sitting there in the middle watching it all unfold. This was a GREAT enemies to lovers story with some nice twists. I need to go back now and read the first couple of #1 stories in this series although I don't feel like I missed anything by not reading them first

Reviewed  by Annie

 4 Sexy Heels

This was my first T. Gephart book and I really enjoyed it. I look forward to checking out more of her books in the future.

Lauren and Roman's relationship from the very beginning of this book was fun to read. The way these two go back and forth with the smart remarks and clearly trying to out do each other in the office. Lauren and Roman get stuck with what seems like a challenging divorce case where they don't seem to see eye to eye how to handle it. And with that the gauntlet has been thrown and these to find themselves wagering a bet. Find out how these to one up each other and who comes out on top. Then there is the whole being attracted to Roman despite him being an arrogant jerk in the most epic way. See who outsmarts who and how this story ends.

Monday, February 12, 2018

RELEASE BLITZ/REVIEW - Caution on Ice by SR Grey

Title: Caution on Ice
Series: Boys of Winter #4
Author: S.R. Grey
Genre: Sports Romance/Romantic Comedy
Release Date: February 12, 2018
Dylan Culderway is more than hockey’s top defenseman. He’s the kind of guy who’s always there to help a friend. Plus, he’s a true gentleman. More importantly, certainly to the ladies, is that Dylan is hot enough to melt ice.
Dylan’s no womanizer, though. He doesn’t have time for love. Seems he’s too busy running away from his past.
Or is he running to his past?
When Dylan meets Chloe Tettersaw, the pretty new girl in town, everything changes. A relationship and love are no longer off the table. But it’s not all smooth sailing. When a mysterious stalker makes Chloe’s life a living hell the couple find themselves, and their burgeoning love, tested.
Little does Dylan know this may be his chance to rewrite history . . . and maybe this time he can make things right.
The past and present are about to collide for Dylan and Chloe.
Are they ready?
Can it heal their damaged souls?
Or will it tear them apart?
Caution on Ice is the fourth standalone novel in the bestselling Boys of Winter hockey romance series.

I roll my head to the right to discover Dylan is indeed heading this way.
Eek! All my head-rolling and chin jerking, not to mention the puck bunny comment, have probably come off as mating signals, because here…he…comes.
No, I’m all sweaty and gross. This is not the time to meet a hot hockey player.
I grab Graham’s arm and plead, “Save me?”
“Ha,” he replies, vengeful and smug. “Not a chance. You’re on your own, Miss K-Y.”
He starts walking away and I call out, “I thought you weren’t still mad about that? You said yourself it was over twelve years ago.”
Too late, Graham’s retreated to the neutral zone—the men’s locker room.
And the hockey player is closing in.
I turn to face him, flipping my ponytail and flashing my most winning smile.
“Hi,” I breathe out, adding in a cute wave for good measure.
But it’s all for naught—gorgeous Dylan walks right by me like I’m not even there.
I realize then he was on his way to the locker room the whole time. He wasn’t coming over to meet me, not at all.
I’m mortified. I’ve just made the biggest fool of myself.
And then it gets worse—he turns back around like it just dawned on him I said something.
“Did you just say hi to me?” he asks from a few feet away.
He’s so mesmerizingly handsome that all I can do is murmur, “Uh-huh.”
His eyes, a rich complex brown, scan me from head to toe. So I go ahead and do the same to him. Now that he’s closer it’s clear he has a really cool tattoo that starts at his left bicep and continues up to his muscular shoulder. From there, it disappears around to his back. Though I can’t see the whole thing, I can tell it’s a dragon.
Hmm, a symbol of strength, I think to myself. A strong friend would be good to have.
And how very timely, seeing as the next step in the X Your Ex program is “Make a New Friend.”
Too bad it’s not “Have a Night of Wild Sex with a Hot Dude.” I could get on board with that one. But then again, maybe not since that’s not really me.
“So friends it is,” I mumble under my breath.
“What’s that?” he says. “I couldn’t hear you.”
Suddenly, I realize I have seen him before—on the big-ass TV Graham bought me. He is a hockey player, and a really good one at that. Graham wasn’t messing with me. It’s just taken me a few minutes to place the name and put it with the face.
And, oh, what a face…
Back to Graham, I feel bad now. Sighing, I say, “Jeez, maybe I shouldn’t have brought up the K-Y.”  
Uh-oh, I just said that a little too loudly. Dylan heard, for sure. The smirk on his face leaves no doubt.
Oh, great. Now he’s going to think I’m a nut, a weirdo, and a pervert, all rolled into one. I’m really batting a thousand here.
“K-Y?” He raises a brow. “Should I even ask?”
Chuckling, I reply, “No, probably not. I was just thinking about my brother.”
Oh, crap!
Now he’s eyeing me like I’m some sort of sicko.
Now I’m a nutty weirdo pervert who associates K-Y jelly with her brother.
Ready to melt into the floor, I say, “Can we just start this whole conversation over?”
“Sure,” he says, laughing and sticking out his hand. “Hi, I’m Dylan.”
I shake his hand and reply, “Hey, Dylan. I’m Chloe, Chloe Tettersaw.”
"Hilarious and perfectly 'played' sports romance that I devoured in one sitting! I can't wait to read more." - #1 NYT Bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken
"The usual Grey crisp writing, lovable heroes that you kinda want to slap, and a heroine that doesn't back down," Resistance on Ice is another fun standalone novel in the bestselling Boys of Winter hockey romance series.” - Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Ilsa Madden-Mills

S.R. Grey is an Amazon Top 100 and a #1 Barnes & Noble Bestselling author. She is the author of the brand new Boys of Winter hockey romance series, the popular Judge Me Not books, the Promises series, the Inevitability duology, A Harbour Falls Mystery trilogy, and the Laid Bare series of novellas. Ms. Grey's works have appeared on multiple Amazon Bestseller lists, including Top 100 several times. She is also a #1 Bestselling Author on Barnes & Noble and a Top 100 Bestselling Author on iTunes.

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 4 Sexy Heels

I am always a sucker for a hockey romance and I totally love this series of standalones. If this is your first Boys of Winter book then you are in for a real treat and you just might find yourself downloading the other books after you finish this one. This one leans a little more on the serious side than the first three books, but it was still a great story.

Dylan Culderway is totally swoon-worthy and with each page I fell more and more in love with him. He is this amazing hockey player with a tortured soul that runs into this adorable, quirky woman, Chloe. From the moment these two meet there are sparks and it made the such a page turner for me. I love how there is friendship, romance and suspense that kept me on my toes as I turned each page. Chloe is bound and determined to stand on her own two feet and manage to do that while in a relationship with Dylan. Find out how these two figure out who her stalker is and how it all plays out and the little extra twist at the end of the book that will be an extra special surprise in the best possible way.